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Did you know that Georgia is one the most heavily termite infested states in the U.S.?

Termites cost millions of dollars in damage to homeowners and business owners each year. Often times, their damage is not detected until it is too late resulting in extensive and expensive repairs. We want to keep that from happening to you!

How does it all work?

We are just a phone call away! When you call the office, we set up an appointment to inspect your home or business for termites.
After the FREE inspection, we will provide a quote for treatment and/or a bait system in order to treat and prevent termites.
If you choose a bait system for you home, we will install and check the bait stations quarterly or biannually and inspect under the house or structure annually to ensure your home or business is termite free!


Under a termite warranty contract, we will document the findings during an inspection and report any measures taken to control any termites found. We will also outline the measures that will be taken to control termites if any are found in the future during the period of the contract. Think of it as termite insurance! We are offering you a warranty as an agreement that we will cover retreatment costs and, in some cases, the cost of repairing termite damage that occurs during the warranty period. Our termite contracts are also transferable to new homeowners if you sell your home. This offers a great peace of mind to new buyers!

Termite contracts are for one year with a year-to-year option for renewal of the warranty.

Subterranean Termite

FOOD CELLULOSE (derived from wood and wood based products.)
MOISTURE Require an outside moisture source.  This may be from the soil, leaky plumbing, roof tops, etc.
ENVIRONMENT Normally live and forage in the soil.  Can establish a nest above the soil if an acceptable moisture source is found.  Build protective mud tubes that lead from the soil to the home.  Can move colony within soil when environmental conditions require.
COLONY SIZE LARGE (A well  established colony may contain over 7 million termites.  Some species have numerous smaller colonies of several thousand termite members.)
1) Mud Tubes ascending from the ground to the structure or protruding from walls and/or trim.
2) Heavy termite swarming within the structure
3) Slits in the wood (flight slits)
4) Uncharacteristic waviness in the wood.
DAMAGE LEVEL Some species of subterranean termites can consume 15 pounds of wood per week.


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